Episode 14

Published on:

20th Oct, 2020

Episode 13

Published on:

17th Oct, 2020

Episode 12

Published on:

3rd Oct, 2020

Episode 11

Published on:

29th Aug, 2020

Episode 10

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20th Aug, 2020

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About the Podcast

Grunge vs. All of Reality
Major Grunge takes on philosophy, personal curiousities, and viciously entertaining guests in this humanities-oriented podcast
Birthed out of the brutal chrysalis of the Internet, the totally hip and cool Major Grunge decided he would create a podcast so people could allow their ears the pleasure of his rants and raves even when he isn't live. The show explores Major's curiosities, especially in the domain of the Humanities, with occasional guests and discussions on their interests and passions. A refreshing dash of self-improvement is sprinkled in like a dash of Queso fresco on a warm Summer night in the Mediterranean. Critics have called it "Brain sex for your ears" and "Not as bad as expected". While he may be a filthy heretic and a devil worshiper, this kid has got some moxie!
- A Blurb Written by Someone who Definitely Isn't Major "Daring Danger" Grunge

About your host

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Major Grunge

HEYA HOWDY FOLX! My name is Major Grunge, and I am a content creator on Medium, Twitch, and in the Podcasting space. I am from the great, insane state of Florida, and am nearly a graduate of Philosophy. In regard to my content I work full time, because I hate the idea of working for anyone else (I HATE TAKING ORDERS). Through a lot of my life I was told what I can and can't do, who I was, and what I was capable of, but I don't give a fuck about that anymore. Now I am all about taking ownership for myself and what I want to accomplish, and I sincerely am committed to providing value to others so they can do the same. Long term, I want to provide both entertainment and alternative methods for individuals to attain an education. The structured education system of the United States failed me, and through my content I want to work towards building something better, and decidely anti -establishment.